Today, I’m so excited to present a guest post over at Jennifer Lentfer’s amazing How Matters blog on social entrepreneurship, and how grassroots groups across the world continue to be marginalized in the race for funding. Here’s an excerpt:

Most social entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders today who are granted awards by prestigious foundations, who are praised for their work by news outlets, who market their organizations effectively both online and off-line are like me. They have a distinct advantage.

But community leaders and activists across Africa, Asia, and Latin America are doing just as much as American social entrepreneurs – if not more – to lift their communities out of poverty, to protect human rights, and to change the status quo. And yet, Southern activists gain little publicity in comparison to the many Western entrepreneurs who easily gain recognition after traveling abroad to do good. The difference is that Southern leaders face numerous barriers to raising funds and publicity for their work – barriers that their more privileged Western counterparts simply do not face.

Click here to visit How Matters and read more about the barriers faced by Southern activists, feminists, community leaders & social entrepreneurs. And please check out Jennifer’s blog while you’re at it: she consistently posts on thought-provoking topics regarding international aid, development, human rights, and how we can support grassroots organizations around the world. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts either here, or over at How Matters!