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New: evidence review of legal empowerment

Namati has just released an excellent and comprehensive review of 199 studies documenting theΒ evidence related to legal empowerment. Does legal aid and awareness ‘work’? If so, how can we measure and conceive of its impact? As Namati writes:

Our main finding is that legal empowerment, in all its myriad forms and wide range of contexts,Β works. In total, 97 per cent of the studies reported at least one positive change. Even programs that failed to make the changes they were designed for had other, unexpected positive effects on communities, individuals and the law.

Some of the positive changes Namati noted were: increases in personal agency of participants, improvement in health and education outcomes, increases in income, changes in the way government institutions operate, and improvement in functioning of traditional authorities (such as the shalish in Bangladesh).

Definitely worth a read!


2 thoughts on “New: evidence review of legal empowerment”

  1. Vivek Maru says:

    Thank you for the shout out Akhila. Excited to have you on our team.

    1. Akhila says:

      Thank you so much Vivek! Excited to be on board.

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