575858_10100243180940265_1666104437_nWelcome to my blog on social justice lawyering, international human rights, and gender-based violence.

I am recent graduate from law school, passionate and optimistic about the potential of law as a transformative tool for social change. I am a strong believer in the impact of holistic, competent legal services for the poor, and my interests lie in the intersection of rule of law, community-based legal service models, post-conflict development, and gender-based violence.

As an undergraduate at Northwestern, I studied political science, development, and economics, spent a year at the London School of Economics, and wrote my senior thesis on transitional justice in Sierra Leone and Rwanda.

Since then, I have worked on and studied issues of legal services, human rights, women’s empowerment, and criminal justice with non-profits in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Switzerland, and Washington D.C. A few organizations I especially love are Justice for All, which provides legal services for women and girls in Afghanistan; International Bridges to Justice, an inspiring model of legal services for criminal defendants across Asia and Africa; and BRAC – which has pioneered community-based legal services for the poor in Bangladesh and beyond.

I am inspired by the power of community-based social change, and the possibilities of social justice lawyering. I also love traveling, good books, good coffee, and deep conversations.

I write here mostly about things I’m passionate about — social change, international development, human rights, women’s rights, post-conflict rule of law, non-profits, and life as a law student.

I love to chat with anyone with similar interests. To get in touch, email me at akhila [dot] kolisetty [at] gmail [dot] com!

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Any opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own, and do not represent the views of my employer(s) or any other organizations I might be affiliated with.

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